Jennifer Kesteloot Design is located in San Francisco and serves clients throughout California and beyond. We are pleased to provide the following services:

We are always looking for new clients with a passion for design, who are committed to the design process and who want to work with us to develop personal environments that are beautiful, functional, and above all, unique.

If this describes you, please call us today and let’s talk about how we can work together to transform your space.

“When your home nurtures and restores you and supports you in your goals, you can leave it each day ready to go out and do good in the world.”

Because of her belief that the home is above all things a place to retreat from the stresses of our daily lives, you’ll find that natural materials and a clean, unclutted look are hallmarks of a Jennifer Kesteloot design — elements that tend to work their ways into her projects whether she’s designing a traditional weekend retreat in a northern California or a modern bachelor pad in the heart of San Francisco.

Jennifer studied design at UC Berkley. She worked for the hospitality firm Hirsch Bedner and Associates as well as for San Francisco design institution Gary Hutton before launching her own studio in 2006.

Jennifer Kesteloot Design
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